Capital Security

Fund security comes from strong regulatory standard and self-discipline business ethics

How we can protect your trading fund safe?

ASIC Regulation

ASIC is one of the three most authoritative financial regulators in the world and an independent federal agency in Austria; As one of the first financial institutions that holding its license, Origin has submitted regular financial statements and audit report to ASIC every year to prove it has the strength to provide for financial services and always maintained a good regulatory record over the past 13 years.

Separate Account

According to the regulations of Budget Amendment (2016 Measure No. 1) Bill of Australia, Origin will deposit client’s trading funds in the separate account of Australian AA-rated Bank – National Australia Bank (NAB) with a complete separate environment from the platform operating account. Before the introduction of the Bill, Origin has consciously and strictly implemented for many years and always been protected client’s trading funds security.

Professional Liability (PI)

Brokers are forced to buy professional liability (PI) for client as required by ASIC. If brokers have any problems, the indemnity shall be compensated by insurance company to clients. And the Origin will buy investors with the execution amount of as high as $20 million underwritten by Lloyd’s Underwriters Association.

STP-ECN mode

Client’s order via the STP bridging function and get into ECN matching system, execute with the real market price and principle of optimality. In the trading mode, the transaction value comes from the banks, other ECNs and other individual traders in the ECN system, and client’s order will be executed anonymously in the system, which is effective to avoid the interference of third party and prevent the interest conflicts between clients and brokers, so that orders will be executed in a notary and transparent environment.

How to check the regulation of ASIC?

The full name of ASIC is Australian Securities and Investment Commission, which is responsible for executing the regulation authority on companies, investment behaviors, financial products and services according to law. The platform should have at least A$ 1 million as required by the application for registration of ASIC regulation, but the government has not approved new license for any foreign exchange platform after 2014. In addition, the formal platforms regulated by ASIC should submit regular financial statements to ASIC every year to detect the possible dangerous signals. Once a company has any irregularities, ASIC will conduct a comprehensive investigation on it, and even suspend its license. In the first half of 2015 alone, ASIC has conducted 323 enforcement actions.
Even though the regulation of ASIC is so serious, as an established platform regulated by ASIC, Origin has always scrupulously abide by the regulatory standards and has no bad record over the past 13 years. After repeated elutriation of ASIC, it has kept its development momentum and won the trust of investors, as its remarkable operation strength and platform qualification.

    1. Login the official website of ASIC:,and find the Business Names in the ASIC Connect at the upper-right corner when you have arrived at the home page, and then click on it.

  • 2
    Enter the following information in the Search business names register when you have arrived at the page, and then click on “GO” to the page of “ View Details”:

  • 3
    After you have arrived to the page of “View Details”, you can see the following important information related to Origin ECN:

    1、Business names: Origin ECN

    2、Status: Registered

    3、Holder(s) details: Holder Name: ORIGIN ECN LTD

    4、ABN: 58 106 064 644

    5、Regulator: Australian Securities and Investments Commission

  • 4
    And then click on the Professional Registers in the option of Search company and other registers on the page, and enter the following information:

    1、In the Enter Keyword(s): enter ORIN MAKERTS LTD or AFSL No. 24693;

    2、In the Select Register, choose the Australian Financial Service Licensee in the second line;

    3. Click the Search to check the registration and regulation information of ORIGIN ECN LTD;

    Enter the way of RIGIN ECN LTD to check the regulation information:

    Tick in the ORIGIN ECN LTD, and then click the View Details to see the page details;

    You can see the following important information:

    1、Name: ORIGIN ECN LTD

    2、Status: Current

    3、Commenced: 07/04/2004

    4、ABN: 58 106 064 644

    5、Scheme: Financial Ombudsman Service Membership Number: 11673

    6、Conditions as at:
    1) Derivatives2) to retail and wholesale clients


Risk Disclaimer:Forex margin trading carries a high level of risk to your capital, may not be appropriate for all investors. Investors shall carefully consider your financial condition and affordability before trading any financial product. Trading could lead to profits as well as loss of your investment capital, you may lose all your initial invested capital. Please ensure you've read all the risk warning before trading.