Why choose Origin

8 Core Superiorities Light Up Your Trading World

Capital Security

ASIC Regulation

ASIC is one of the three most authoritative financial regulators in the world and an independent federal agency in Austria; As one of the first financial institutions that holding its license ,Origin has submitted regular financial statements and audit report to ASIC every year to prove it has the strength to provide for financial services and always maintained a good regulatory record over the past 13 years.

Separate Account

According to the regulations of Budget Amendment (2016 Measure No. 1) Bill of Australia, Origin will deposit client’s trading funds in the separate account of Australian AA-rated Bank – National Australia Bank (NAB) with a complete separate environment from the platform operating account. Before the introduction of the Bill, Origin has consciously and strictly implemented for many years and always been protected client’s trading funds security.

Professional Liability (PI)

Brokers are forced to buy professional liability (PI) for client as required by ASIC. If brokers have any problems, the indemnity shall be compensated by insurance company to clients. And the Origin will buy investors with the execution amount of as high as $20 million underwritten by Lloyd's Underwriters Association.

A Smoother Trading Experience

STP-ECN trading mode

Origin uses the STP-ECN trading mode, which is that client’s order will execute in the interbank transactions with international quotations via the STP bridging function and get into ECN matching system, and be automatically matched with the best price by interacting with the quotations provided by other participants. In the process, client can see the real market price without third party intervention, but brokers cannot check your transaction details or any other information, so orders will be executed anonymously in a notary and transparent environment.

Flexible leverage

It can meet the requirements of different strategies with the flexible option to maximize capital utilization with the range of normal leverage from 50:1 to 400:1.

Nominal Spread

Origin will provide clients with the best quotation source from many global liquidity providers such as world’s top banks and LP, and the real-time comprehensive quotations of other ECN platforms, with, to ensure clients can reduce the trading cost and make transactions rapidly with plentiful liquidity and low spread.

Complete Infrastructure

Origin’s main serve is logging in the Equinix NY4 Data Center where mainstream quoting banks are located, and there has a certain physical distance to the domestic trading which normally takes 300 milliseconds from the MT4 device transmitting directly to the platform’s main server, and about 4-5 milliseconds from STP to ECN, so there will occur large latency, offline failure and packet loss, which will provide poor experience for traders and needs to make the optimization of server architecture. Therefore, Origin has set up DC in Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore to play transferring and acceleration functions, which can roughly reduce 50-70 milliseconds for the trading distance. When client makes an instruction on MT4 device, it can greatly reduce latency and solve the failures of offline and packet loss during the process from the MT4 device to MT4 host by the acceleration of DC.

Professional Client Service

High Efficient Client Service

With high efficient and safe account deposit, and timely and smooth account withdrawal, Origin will reply to client’s questions and provide optimal solutions for clients in the first time.

Professional Training

Origin will provide the novice clients with free elementary training, including industry knowledge, trading fundamental analysis, how to build an effective trading system right for you; provide the professional clients with advanced tutorial related to trading psychology, trading system, risk management, etc; provide broker agencies with systematic training including operation management, business model, staff comprehensive quality, etc.

Transaction Sharing

As the leader of offline activities in the industry, Origin has left its footprint throughout China and held successfully total 56 activities including salon, forum, summit, etc, to provide traders with the latest advanced experience sharing of foreign exchange related to trading technology, strategies, etc. In addition, a series of activities “World Trading Experience Sharing – 1st National Innovation Technology Exchange Forum For Foreign Exchange Industry” held in Guangzhou has become the benchmark of technology exchange forum for the foreign exchange industry.

Risk Disclaimer:Forex margin trading carries a high level of risk to your capital, may not be appropriate for all investors. Investors shall carefully consider your financial condition and affordability before trading any financial product. Trading could lead to profits as well as loss of your investment capital, you may lose all your initial invested capital. Please ensure you've read all the risk warning before trading.