Introducing broker (IB)

Origin provides the industry-leading customized brokerage business value-added service to all introducing brokers (IB) in the worldwide, including:

Brand shaping and upgrading: realize construction and promotion of propaganda windows, such as website, WeChat public account, Weibo, We-media, etc;
Online SEO optimization: determine the target users, portrait of final customer crowd, high-quality content output and others by the precise location;
Hold offline activities all around the world, including salon, forum, summit, etc;

To be a introducing broker (IB)

Operation Management

Provide professional advisory services including company management framework, internal division of the department, employee functions and responsibilities, etc;
Provide systematic training for staff, such as foreign exchange professional knowledge, marketing techniques, etc;
Improve and standardize staff’s business operation process;
Establish a strategic partnership based on mutual benefit;


Marketing Management

Supporting for meeting affairs, such as salon, summit meeting, etc;
Provide the IB exclusive link and QR code for ease of marketing management;
Help IB efficiently complete customer transformation by customized schemes;
Develop social finance by the way of Internet, and help IB to realize the large-scale and the mass exploration customer development;


A win can be a person reaching the winning post or leading a group of people to the end.

As we see, in the era of that marketing being king, we have neglected the discussion of trading technology, profit effect and expertise, as we pay more attention to capital scale, financing speed and client traffic.

As an Australian established broker, Origin is more willing to be an enabler in the industry to provide terminal clients with the free and systematic acquisition channel of foreign exchange knowledge, and provide the technical institution to directly dock with accurate client resources and connect IB with excellent technical strategy party to really solve the pain points of traders, so that each takes what he needs and everyone should be provided for.

Origin has created the technology to take its position in the industry and provides the terminal clients with a series of IB’s activities: “World Trading Experience Sharing – 1st National Innovation Technology Exchange Forum For Foreign Exchange Industry”. Unlike the previous lecture, exhibition and forum, this Exchange is first to bring together the technical party, trading party and strategy party in the foreign exchange chain, and build a communication platform and innovative environment with interactive communication, exhibition of technical achievements and knowledge transmission for financial institutions and investors.

The Event of “World Trading Experience Sharing – 1st National Innovation Technology Exchange Forum For Foreign Exchange Industry” was held in Guangzhou in July 2017.

Famous financial enterprises in Southern China first gathered in Guangzhou.

The organizers has carried on the strict screening on forum guests, and the Southern China’s foreign exchange trading teams and well-known industry experts in China were invited to this exhibition.

Making friends with each other during the scientific research of trading technology

Either novice traders or experienced traders, the forum’s role is to provide for a chance for mutual communication on the new knowledge of foreign exchange industry.

Forum with various forms and pluralistic research topic

Multi-angle theme includes technology, data, EA strategy, risk management, intelligent transaction, etc; a novel and flexible form of knowledge communication, such as topic lecture, round table conference, live Q&A, etc;

A wide number of audiences by positive propaganda of mainstream media

Carpet propaganda of mainstream internet media, and the scope of publicity covers the audiences throughout the country by the positive propaganda in advertisement and news.

Powerful resources of organizers and co-sponsors, and a large number of professional vistors

As its powerful resource data of financial industry, the organizers have sent invitations to hundreds of local financial companies and high-quality trading group resources, and it is expected that the number of professional visitors will be up to 600 professional visitors during the exhibition period.

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