CRM System

Our CRM customer relationship management system (version 1) is a strong background rendered by collective wisdom of our IT team. It takes customer relationship system to productivity, oriented customer with highly customized business process and demand. At the same time, MT4 trading platform is highly integrated, allowing users easily to view the transaction data and different kinds of charts. United transaction information, customer management and oriented setting flexibly. Origin CRM System is currently few sets of interactive independent research tool in China, which contains operation, analysis and cooperative three on one functions.

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Advantages of Origin CRM:

The interactive personalized experience

Reconstruct the interaction process of clients and partners
One on one directional relationship management
Provide unified and complete tools
Client’s operation experience
Tailored and customized according to demand of Client

Personalized trading analysis

Flexible account management
Transaction records, account details, transaction statements. Everything is contained therein.
Client transactions can be presented through the core chart
Tracking and analysing for all kinds of transaction data
Can be summarized and evaluated

Accurate customer relationship management

Precise positioning target customers
Rules and procedures can be adjusted as needed
Obvious display effect
Complete transaction information
Intuitive interface, easy to use

Closely customer service

Always at your service
Provide different channels with unlimited support to clients
Personalized service support
Provide various types of notification, professional knowledge sharing and other value-added services

Sales automation Malleable Marketing

Create sales target
Automatically send all kinds of information, time cost saving
Platform account ,link into the form of two-dimensional code, Very convenient
Email marketing, mutual data
Seamless integration with other software

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