Account Questions

1. How to apply a live account?

Origin ECN is required to confirm the client identity before opening the account pursuant to the Law of Australia on Anti-money Laundering and Anti-terrorism Financing Law. You should prepare for the following related materials for the application of live account:

ID Card

  • Colorized and clear photo;
  • Issued by the government;
  • Clearly visible name, ID card number and validity;

Common mobile phone number
Common e-mail

After confirming the above related information, click “OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT” on the official website and submit your client application. Once approving your opening application, Origin ECN will send two e-mails respectively including the user name and password of the background and CRM customer management background. After receiving the e-mail, you are required to keep your account and password properly, to prevent the password reveal from bringing losses to your funds. Surely, you can also change your password by the platform software, but you should keep your account and password properly for fear of revealing to others.

2. How to apply the virtual account of Origin ECN platform?

After opening the Origin ECN official website, clicking “OPEN VIRTUAL ACCOUNT”, and filling in relevant information, we will send the virtual account to your e-mail. Or, you may also click the file – OPEN VIRTUAL ACCOUNT by MT4 client side, and then apply the virtual account step by step as per the prompt.

3. Are the virtual account and live account the same?

The virtual account and live account have the same quotation source, but they do not enjoy the same trading environment due to the technical reason. As the order of the virtual account does not enter into the real trading market, so the virtual account is not comparable to the live account. The virtual account is designed to make the traders know the trading platform well, so it cannot produce the real trading experience.

4. How much is the minimum deposit of my account?

The minimum deposit is USD 500 while opening the account in Origin ECN.

5. How many accounts can I open in Origin ECN?

Origin restricts each client to open 5 trading accounts with the same name at most.

6. How much are the commission charges for Origin deposit and withdrawal respectively?

Origin online clients for deposit enjoy the preference free of commission charges;

If the withdrawal amount of Origin client account is less than $200, you should assume $20 charged by the bank;

If the client chooses the deposit and withdrawal by telegraphic transfer, the time of transferring to the account is about 3~5 working days;

The client is required to carefully calculate the withdrawal amount, to avoid influencing the account in trading. Otherwise, the losses arising out of the insufficient margin after withdrawal will be borne by the client.

7. How long is my account canceled without trading?

Origin will retain the client account for one year. The client account will be cancelled without trading on the premise that the funds are less than $200 within one year.

8. How should I handle the withdrawal?

In the case of withdrawal, you only need logging in the hyperlink center of[Business Center], fill in application form for withdrawal, and complete the withdrawal. After login, you choose the option of “Deposit Management”, choose “I Need Deposit”, then input the information involving your own account and bank account, and submit. The application for withdrawal is submitted in the current day, and the withdrawal can be on the account within about one working day.

9. Can I gain the corresponding interests if I deposit the money to may trading account?

Origin ECN will not pay interests for the balance of client’s fund.

10. What should I do if I forget my trading password?

You can reset the password by contacting our relevant customer manager or by the contact way in our official website. We will resend your resetting account password to your e-mail address in opening the account by e-mail, and you will only check your e-mail and re-login.

Risk Disclaimer:Forex margin trading carries a high level of risk to your capital, may not be appropriate for all investors. Investors shall carefully consider your financial condition and affordability before trading any financial product. Trading could lead to profits as well as loss of your investment capital, you may lose all your initial invested capital. Please ensure you've read all the risk warning before trading.