Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Origin upholds the customer-oriented service concept, and attaches importance to the maintenance and confidentiality of the client privacy, as the core responsibility of Origin operation. Thus, Origin unveils the specific policy to guarantee your private information, and meanwhile explain to the clients how Origin collects the personal data, and how to disclose, use and guarantee the data. So you should read the following privacy policy clauses carefully before receiving the Origin service.

Information Collection

For the purpose of offering the exclusive service for you, Origin will collect your personal nonpublic information by these channels, involving:

  • Your effective information (such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, ID Card number, passport information, driving license information, previous investment experience, and investment goal) provided voluntarily that can identify your personal identity during the process of account application (live account or virtual account).
  • Information acquired by you while trading through the Origin system. Origin shall retain all trading and event records of the client account, including (but not limited to) the close position data of the client account.
  • Origin will also collect the client information from the public resources, such as collecting the client data from the company register. Origin will hold the personal data of clients in strict accordance with Australian Privacy Principles of Privacy Law 1988 and the Privacy Amendment Act (Added Privacy Protection) 2012.
  • When the personal data is collected by the third party (non client in person), Origin will take the compliance steps to ensure that the clients know the collection of the data and read the pertinent clauses of this privacy policy.
  • For the avoidance of the dispute between Origin and clients, Origin will record the telephone conversations between clients and Origin staffs. The record source file or copy file can be used for solving any disputes between clients and Origin, and also conforms to the legal obligations of Origin, involving the requirements of the regulatory authority and other government organizations.
  • Origin will not collect the sensitive information generally, unless the following exceptional cases The collection is authorized or required by the commands of Australian laws or court / tribunal. The suspicious illegal activities or major undue behaviors, or the behaviors possibly threatening the Origin operation occur. Without collection, Origin fails to perform service and meet your demands.

Personal Information Usage or Disclosure

Origin will take the reasonable measures to guarantee your personal information security. Unless otherwise required by laws and regulations, we will not disclosure the personal and nonpublic information to the third party. Origin uses and disclosures the personal information with the main purpose of collection and other situations under the legal authorization of individuals. For example, we may disclosure or report such information in such cases.

  • For the purposes of analysis, research, market data editing, product creation, relationship building between order delivery and execution, or any other legal purposes, we will disclose your personal information to the third party authorized by us, or the third party that can establish the contractual relationship as we deem, or related or affiliated company, agent or other authorized agency, or direct or indirect instructor of executing your service, provided it conforms to the pertinent laws and regulations of securities. In such case, we forbid the third party to use the personal information, unless the explicit purpose is provided. We forbid others to use your information for the purpose of direct market promotion of product or service. We also guarantee that all persons as described persist in the current policy clauses and execute the reasonable measures to protect your privacy.
  • For the purposes of abiding by any laws, regulations, decrees, or commands of regulatory authority, involving providing such data for any such regulatory authority pursuant to requirements of laws or regulations, we will cooperate with the law enforcement agency or regulatory authority or self- regulatory authority.
  • Popularize the Origin product and service for clients; any other purposes agreed by clients; understand the product and service that the clients may be interested in gaining from Origin; when it is necessary to authorize, complete, supervise or execute your required or authorized trading; maintain and supervise your account; provide the account confirmation, statement of account and record for you; keep the correct archival records; execute our client agreement and other agreements; satisfy our responsibilities, or protect our rights and properties.

Personal Information Confidentiality

  • Origin will require all new staffs and the third party to read this privacy policy at first time and help them train this privacy policy, and ensure that Origin staffs and the third party understand and know how to deal with the personal privacy information of clients. If the staffs and relevant third party neglect the Origin privacy policy and have the behavior of violating or failing to observe the privacy policy, they will be subject to the disciplinary action.
  • Origin will take all reasonable steps in case that the personal data of clients suffers from the improper usage, loss, unauthorized usage, interference, alteration or disclosure.
  • Unless the Australian laws or court / tribunal or other overseas regulatory authority and government organization (even if it is not included in the federation scope) require holding the data continuously, once Origin has no more need of client data, we will also take reasonable steps to delete and destroy all unneeded personal information or remove the personal data identity.
  • In addition, we reinforce the safety measures such as encryption and firewall based on the internet system.

Client Rights

  • You have the right to require us to reveal all your personal data that we hold. You can require consulting your data that Origin holds at any time, changing any inaccurate or inconsistent data, and understanding your right to use your personal data and prevent your privacy from being invaded. You can modify your personal data through our website or by sending e-mail to our customer service , or contact us immediately.
  • You do not need providing us with any personal data against your will, however, we may fail to offer service for you temporarily, because the accuracy, integrity and latest update of your all private information are very important to us and directly influence providing the integral service for you by us.
  • If the clients need asking Origin for the personal information with the complex requirements, Origin will inform the clients of needing the extra time in such case.
  • If Origin has the reason for doubting that the serious illegal activities or undue behaviors are taken or may be taken, and are involved in the Origin functions or operation, Origin may refuse the clients to ask for personal information, and provide the clients with reason for refusal (unless providing the reasons for clients is deemed as inappropriateness or unreasonableness) and other regulation items, and provide the existing complaint mechanism.
  • If you have any doubt about our privacy policy, or if you find our staffs or the third party who establishes the contract with us have the behavior of violating the privacy policy, or if you wish make a complaint about how to deal with your personal information, you can send e-mail to for the complaint.

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