Official Statement on the Cooperation of OriginECN with GeminiCap

Dear valued clients:

After two months of negotiation, Origin ECN and the Bahamas leading platform IX Capital Group Limited (“IXCG”) reached a strategic restructuring. Origin ECN’s financial derivatives brokerage business will be integrated into IXCG, and the restructured brand operations will be fully upgraded by its subsidiary Gemini Capital Markets Ltd (“GeminiCap”). In the coming month, the two parties will complete the relevant business transition in accordance with the principle of “not affecting the customer experience”. The brand of financial derivatives of OriginECN will be officially renamed to GeminiCap after the announcement.

GeminiCap’s key management team is led by CEO Robert Berkeley and Head of Operations Alex Praill. Robert has served as a chartered accountant for Arthur Andersen, an international business consulting firm. After years of the accumulation of experience, he has become an established figure in the industry. Alex Praill joined a leading and award-winning brokerage firm as a start of his career in the financial services industry. Alex has always focused on the company’s infrastructure and project management, and has continued to innovate and obtained excellent accomplishment.

Origin ECN is Australia’s experienced financial derivatives trading service provider. Since its establishment in 2004, after 14 years of development, from the infrastructure, product diversity, liquidity depth, investor education to the industry’s leading value-added services, Origin ECN has become a high-profile trading partner for traders. It is OriginECN’s established reputation and coherent strategy leads to this successful cooperation. The strong integration of the OriginECN market brand and GeminiCap’s strong management team is a new upgrade of the advantages of both parties.

This integration will complete a comprehensive upgrade of GeminiCap’s self-regulatory system, capital insurance, product structure, technology services and management team.

Upgraded financial regulatory system leads to compliant operations

Gemini Capital Markets Ltd is the registered trading name of IX Capital Group Limited and is authorized and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (“SCB”) under registration number SIA F-188. The Securities Commission of the Bahamas, an important financial regulator of the Bahamas, is mandated by Bahamian law. Since its inception in 1995, the Securities Commission of the Bahamas has been committed to establishing and managing the operating rules of financial markets. In recent years, its regulatory authority has been highly recognized by global markets and investors. Under the terms of the Bahamian law, the Commission adopts the definitions and standards of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and requires any company or individual engaged in financial services in the Bahamas to accurately, comprehensively and promptly disclose information in an effort to build a fair and equitable safe, dynamic and competitive investment trading market. At the same time, the framework and rules of the Securities Commission of the Bahamas follow many of the principles of established financial regulators such as the UK and Australia. For example, client funds must be deposited in secure, segregated accounts. Service providers must be committed to providing world-class extremely fast execution speed, and ensure that the customer fully understands the trading operation and potential risks of the investment products before investing.

Upgraded client money insurance, providing more protection.

GeminiCap provides customers with a million-dollar client money insurance. Eligible claimants can claim up to $1,000,000 which gives customers more confidence in trading. A Claimant is a customer of the Insured who (i) is an Eligible Claimant in respect of the Insolvency Event (ii) has submitted its claim (including a claim form) to the Insolvency Practitioner within 12 months of the date of the Insolvency Event of the Insured; and (iii) has submitted its Investor Compensation Form to the Insured within 12 months of the date of the Insolvency Event of the Insured.

Full details of the policy are available upon request.

Upgraded product structure, providing more choices.

GeminiCap provides customers with a wealth of trading products and flexible leverage. In terms of trading products, there is no substantial change in the existing trading products of OriginECN in the early stage of the cooperation. But in the near future, GeminiCap will further enrich the product library based on GeminiCap’s future development plan. In the next product plan, GeminiCap will add Contract for Difference (CFDs) such as Hong Kong stocks, British stocks and US stocks based on OriginECN. In terms of trading leverage, GeminiCap will provide customers with up to 500:1 leverage in the next period of time, and may introduce a floating leverage mechanism. Since then, customers are free to trade.

Upgraded technology, helping investment and trade.

GeminiCap adopts the most cutting-edge technology in order to enhance the trading environment. Taking this cooperation as an opportunity, GeminiCap actively integrates better liquidity providers and introduces more competitive spreads to provide customers with great trading environment. It also increases its investment in IT, risk control and product data teams. Investing in efforts to provide cutting-edge technology, GeminiCap aims at helping customers trade.

The service system is upgraded again. GeminiCap is committed to providing customers with professional and high-quality trading service support, and further improving the upgrade service system by providing customers with VPS virtual server, free Trading Central trading strategy service, mobile APP, CRM account management system and market headlines.

From 19th October, all OriginECN customers will be migrated from OCN to GeminiCap after agreeing the migrate agreement in the CRM. The entire migration process is quick and easy. The migration deadline is November 20th, 2018. After that, OriginECN’s CRM and APP will be out of service. Please pay attention to the migration to GeminiCap.
At the time of this cooperation, GeminiCap inherited and enhanced the service philosophy of “integrity, rigor, safety and efficiency”. Our unwavering belief requires your understanding and trust; we need your support and assistance in the pace of our progress. Let us work together!

Meanwhile, in order to make investors understand more about the background, development philosophy and origin intention of our brand, GeminiCap will hold our debut press conference entitled “Well stored experience, releasing extraordinarily. ” GeminiCap Global Press Conference, four countries linked live interactive broadcast. Please stay tuned.

Risk Disclaimer

High risk investment

Foreign exchange and CFD transactions refer to high risk margin trading, which is only applicable to individuals and institutional investors who are able to bear the risk of loss. Before you make a decision, you should consider your investment objectives, financial situation, experience level, risk tolerance, etc. Our site is for your reference only, do not consist any suggestions. You should be familiar with all the risks of margin trading, and make prudent investment decisions independently. If you have any questions, please consult professional advice.

Margin and leverage

Origin ECN can provide up to 400:1 leverage foreign exchange accounts, but high leverage means high profitability and high risk, small price floating may cause large fluctuations in the net asset account, so there is the possibility that you leverage trading loss part of or all of your initial amount. Therefore, should be based on your ability to bear the risk of investment.

Network Transaction

The transaction carried out by network has a certain risk, but not including the Internet system failure, software or hardware failure and other force majeure factors. Origin ECN cannot control your device, herein specific claim that in the process of transaction , if there are network connection ,speed problem, login failure or other problems, Origin ECN will not responsible for network trading losses produced by client. At the same time, we will continue to optimize our network environment and servers, and strive to provide you with a good trading environment.

Market Analysis

All of the opinions, news, analysis, price or other information is provided from site only for the general market commentary, which did not constitute any investment advice, or induce. You will not be held responsible for Origin ECN for the results of direct or indirect reference to such information, including (but not limited to) profits or losses.

Web Site

Origin ECN has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this site is correct. The content of the web site may change at any time without notice. You can legally use the site, but not unauthorized use, interference, destruction, disruption; attack any part of the site.

Additional Margin

You may receive a phone call for a temporary notice that requiring a substantial increase in margin to maintain your position. If you do not meet the margin requirements within a stipulated time, your position will be flat and you will bear the losses that incurred.

Investment Hosting

To ensure client rights, Origin ECN will not provide hosting account service and financial advice. Because of the risk of foreign exchange market, all the clients in Origin ECN are required to operate their own trading accounts; their accounts cannot operate by others.
If client insists, Origin ECN will consider as client trades by himself. Any loss arising from the client account shall be borne by the client himself. Origin ECN will not cooperate with any financial institutions, Origin ECN employees and agents are not allowed to operate the client’s account.

EA Documentary Transaction

All EA contains uncertainty, therefore if you choose an EA documentary transaction, please be responsible the risk yourself. Origin ECN will remain neutral that client is using (Expert Advisors) automatic trading program, Origin ECN will not recommend any EA to you. At the same time, the EA transaction caused by the position problems, open or close, no matter what kind of circumstances, Origin ECN will not assume any responsibility.


Slippage refers to the differences and the deviation between the actual transaction price and setting price, usually occurs with major news events, or market re-opened, or when there is a change in the price quotation of order that sending to bank or broker in this period of time, price gap may occur and you may deviated from the original default price. This situation may bad for you (slippage is away from your point of view), and also be in your favor (slippage direction is close to your asking price).

Slippage cannot be avoided and predicted. In the real market, we cannot control the price, it is impossible to predict the next price and give the scope of slippage. Therefore, Origin ECN does not assume any loss or compensation caused by slippage or flat because of market gap.

Price gap

Price gap usually have two kinds of cases:
1. There is an abnormal distance between the previous price and next price, this situation we call it “Price Gap”, same with the “gap” that we can observe with the figure on left.
2. In same minute, price have great changes, the figure on the right shows although the gap is not visible, there is still a price gap in the market.。

Price gap is familiar with spread widening , both occur easily when major financial data are published or there are unexpected news events , such as nonfarm payrolls, US interest rate resolution, as well as weekend market closing and Monday opening, etc..

Influence of Price Gap:

  1. No matter whether it is take profit, stop loss, or other types of pending order, as long as there is a market gap, its turnover will be affected. Due to the real market price, the range of price gap cannot be predicted.
    2. Price Gap will cause the order execution occur with slippage.
    3. Slippage caused by price gap may lead to the net value is lower than 100% of the margin and accordingly results in liquidation. In this case, Origin ECNwill require additional positions of negative customers.

Therefore, Origin ECN is responsible and necessary to remind you should fully understand the market risks and prudent to invest according to self-financial condition and trading experience. Slippage or liquidation caused by the market gap, Origin ECN does not assume any responsibility.

Spread Expansion

Origin ECN as an STP-ECN platform, we provide our client with floating spread transaction; you can view our current basic information about floating spread of trading products via Origin ECN web site. However, in some specific situations, the average spread of trading products may higher than usual, we call it spread expansion.

Many banks and trading institutions stop the offer and trading for the purpose of risk management in the case of opening or risk events, so that the flow of the liquidity offer source is smaller, and accordingly the spread of Origin ECN is expanded on the premise of offer from a very small number of banks.

Why spread widening exists?

During to the high risk events or market opening period, plenty of banks and trading institutions in order to stop the quotation and trading for risk management, thus cause price source flow of liquidity becomes smaller. Under the premise with few quotations from banks, the spread in Origin ECN will be widened.

The time of spread expansion generally focuses on:
a. Within 5 minutes while suspending at weekends and opening on Monday.
b. Occurrence of important data or major news.

Possible influence of spread expansion on trading:
a. Liquidation of hedge account. (For lack of the available margin of clients, the spread expansion will result in the reduction of net value and excessively low proportion of margin. When the net value is reduced to 100% of the margin, the system will carry out the forced liquidation for the client position. During this process, the decrease in funds after liquidation of clients will be caused along with the slippage.)
b. Asymmetric transaction of stop profit and stop loss points in view of the hedge. (Due to the large spreads of the ask price and bid price, the transaction price of ask and bid will have great difference.)
Thus, Origin ECN reminds the clients with frequent hedge trading of reserving the sufficient margin trading during the process of trading, in case that the net value is lower than 100% of the margin and accordingly results in liquidation.
This phenomenon is the general phenomenon of market trading, so Origin ECN strongly recommends the clients to carefully read the risk instructions, understand the real market conditions and then choose trading. Otherwise, Origin ECN Markets will not bear any responsibility and even will not pay any compensation for the slippage transaction or liquidation due to spread expansion of the objective market in the particular cases.



Risk Disclaimer:Forex margin trading carries a high level of risk to your capital, may not be appropriate for all investors. Investors shall carefully consider your financial condition and affordability before trading any financial product. Trading could lead to profits as well as loss of your investment capital, you may lose all your initial invested capital. Please ensure you've read all the risk warning before trading.