MAM Account

MAM Program launched by Origin ECN is a flexible account distribution program to satisfy the demand of professional fund managers. Its principle is to realize multiple account management by using a simple and practical interface, which can provide the professional fund managers with excellent solutions to multiple account management and make fund managers overall manage his or her accounts by simultaneous distribution of multiple accounts for transactions. In addition, MAM has powerful functions and obvious advantages, including a clear view of each account’s trading positions, balances and margin levels; complete transaction of batch orders and instantaneous distribution of multiple management accounts, and protect the security of each sub-account’s fund; carry out order distribution in lots or percentage by net worth with flexible distribution plans. MAM provides the professional fund managers with excellent account management to save a lot of time costs, so that they can pay more attention to mapping out good strategies to make profits.

Note: The sub-account will be no quantitative restrictions in theory, but it is suggested to keep the number of sub-account within 50, in order to get a better experience.
10 Functional Advantages of MAM
No quantitative restrictions on the trading account Provide multiple functions including stop loss, take profit and pending order
Two trading distribution modes: distribution by percentage of transaction or assets Available to make standard lots/mini lots/tiny lots, and accurate distribution to sub-accounts
Multiple account management synchronization Suitable for all EA Transactions
STP trade execution with the instant distribution to sub-accounts Transparency and trading security in the market, and available competitive spread
Instant execution for multiple orders with EA Strategic Transaction Real-time risk management for orders
MAM Application Condition

1. Total funds have to reach more than $100000;

2. At least 5 sub accounts (sub accounts need to be in the same line, the group needs to be consistent);

3. Each account has to reach more than $5000;

4. Do not recommend changes, there will not be any action if traders are holding position, Establishment of MAM will be carried out on weekend.

MAM Trading Details

1. Sub account must be kept no position throughout the application process;

2. Clients will receive two copies of LPOA, and the Chinese & English version is for reference, another full English version is for signing. Clients should sign on the signature line after printing;

3. As establishment of MAM will be carried out on weekend, and therefore, please submit relevant information to every Friday before 12:00.

【MAM Shift in】

Require the information of MAM main account and sub account that need to shift in (Account has to reach at least $5000, no position, same group) and send the LPOA to info mailbox, operation team will reply you with 1~2working days.

【MAM Shift out】

Require the information of MAM main account(no position) and sub account (Name&MT4 Account) that need to shift out and send to info mailbox, operation team will reply you with 1~2working days.

【MAM Withdrawal Procedure】
Require the confirmation mail that state the specific amount of profit distribution provided by clients (according to the LPOA), and then send to Account Manager→ after confirmation by Account Manager, the application form will sent to→after confirmation by Operation Team → these information will send to Financial Apartment (with the agreement of LPOA)→ MAM Withdrawal will be processed if error does not exist, and the profit returnable will be transferred to the corresponding account of the owner and the remaining amount will be returned to the client’s bank account by the normal withdrawal procedures;


  1. MAM Withdrawal, the profit part can be submitted according to Client wills;
  2. After withdrawal, according to the distribution agreement of LPOA, the amount will be distributed to corresponding account of the owner;

Risk Disclaimer:Forex margin trading carries a high level of risk to your capital, may not be appropriate for all investors. Investors shall carefully consider your financial condition and affordability before trading any financial product. Trading could lead to profits as well as loss of your investment capital, you may lose all your initial invested capital. Please ensure you've read all the risk warning before trading.