Trading Details

Origin is a STP-ECN platform. In this model, all orders placed on the Origin will be composed with real market price in anonymous way.

Platform Trading Details

Mandatory liquidation

1) Mandatory liquidation ratio: margin ratio is equal or lower than 100% (which is that margin is equal or lower than 0)
2) Mandatory liquidation rules: when margin ratio is equal or lower than 100%, close the order with the largest loss, but if not reach 100%, close all orders at the same time.
【Special note: margin will less than 100% or even be negative in the case of market gap, such as Black Swan Event, British exit from Europe, etc. For this kind of unpredictable market quotation, clients may suffer heavy loss when the account balance is insufficient.】

Leverage and single transaction volume
Trading variety Leverage Maximum lots per sum (can be applied to level up separately)
Foreign Exchange Max leverage ratio 1:400 (max leverage of CHF currency pair is 200) 40 lots
Gold Fixed leverage ratio 1:200 20 lots
CFD Fixed leverage ratio 1:100 (the leverage ratio of CHINA50 is 1:20 and the leverage ratio of FTSE100、SP500、SPI200、DJ30、Nikkei225 are 1:200) 125 standard lots
(CHINA50 20 standard lots;Nikkei225 10,000 standard lots)
Silver Max leverage ratio 1:200 20 lots
Future Crude Oil Max leverage ratio of STD & VIP Account is 1:400
Fixed leverage ratio of ECN Account is 1:100
20 lots (1 lots = 1,000 barrels)
Spot Crude Oil Max leverage ratio 1:400 20 lots (1 lots = 1,000 barrels)
GAS-C Fixed leverage ratio1:20 10lots
COPPER-C Fixed leverage ratio1:20 10lots

Note: The maximum leverage of CHF currency pair and Silver is 200 times;That is the leverage of these products is a half leverage of the application account. For example, the account leverage is 100 times, and the leverage of CHF currency pair and XAG is 50 times; the account leverage is 300 times, and the leverage of CHF currency pair and XAG is 150 times

Leverage modification limit
Available Leverage Lowest Deposit Max Fund Limit
1:400 $500 $50,000
1:300 $500 $100,000
1:200 $500 $250,000
1:100 $500 >$250,000

Note: If there are multiple accounts with the same owner in the same account, the capital in the multiple accounts will be accounted in the scope of the account’s max fund limit.
*Special note of leverage: The leverage of some products with poor liquidity may be different; when high risk event occurs, platform will adjust leverage according to the actual situation; it is subject to the real situation of MT4 terminal.

Distance of pending order

20 pips from the current price (including pending order, take-profit and stop-loss order)

Trading details of pending order, take profit and stop loss

pending order will be triggered when the quoted price reaches or exceeds the setting price, and it will close the position after triggering the first tick price, but the transaction value may not be the price set by traders. As the fluctuations of market price and matchmaking tradeoff competition mechanism, the final transaction value may be better or worse than the setting price for take profit and stop loss.

Transaction volume per sum

40 standard lots for foreign exchange, and 20 standard lots for Gold, Silver, Crude Oil; clients can apply to level up according to demand. The larger transaction volume per sum is, the higher transaction cost is (depending on liquidity).

Hedging (Lock Position)

lock Position does not occupy margin.
Special note: Lock Position does not equal to lock the profit and loss, because of the spread between buying price and selling price, profit and loss is still floating when the account is locked; bulk-holding with position locking may result in negative value of the client net value after liquidation (mandatory liquidation) when affected by increasing spreads and interest rate.

Swap rate

it will charge for three times of swap rate on Wednesday.

Time for holding position

there is no time limit to hold the position.

MAM Program

it can distribute positions according to the net value or number of accounts, and also realize profit sharing.

Whether to support EA transactions

as STP platform, it can support all strategies of EA transactions.

Execution in price gap

all trading products may exist the phenomenon of price gap (such Monday opening, data published or big news), the size of price gap depends on the current quotation of the market. In case of skipping the price of pending order and take profit and stop loss, the order will be closed at the first tradable price after price gap; at this moment, it often appears a larger slippage, and traders maybe make profits or suffer losses.


According to Origin ECN platform, the margin of Foreign Exchange, Silver, Crude Oil will be calculated by the following formula:
Margin = Lots* Contract Size * Market Price / Leverage * Margin Percentage

The margin of Gold and CFD will be calculated by the following formula:
Margin = Lots* Contract Size * Market Price / Leverage * Margin Percentage

1) The margin of gold and CFD is not linked with the leverage of trading account, such as the fixed leverage of Gold is 200 times.
2) The required margin for trading products is calculated in the unit of basic currency, and then calculated by converting the spot exchange price into USD.

For Example:
1) If Client A takes short of 0.1 mini lot of XAU/USD current price in 1337.52 position, and the account leverage is 1:400, so the calculation formula of your required margin is as follows:
1*100*1337.52*0.5% = 668.76 USD

Risk Disclaimer:Forex margin trading carries a high level of risk to your capital, may not be appropriate for all investors. Investors shall carefully consider your financial condition and affordability before trading any financial product. Trading could lead to profits as well as loss of your investment capital, you may lose all your initial invested capital. Please ensure you've read all the risk warning before trading.