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OriginFX APP

OriginFX APP is a foreign exchange trading service software integrated online trading, quotation trend, news information, education and training, and account management, which is designed for investors by the Australian established foreign exchange broker Origin ECN. With the powerful functions and humanized interaction design, investors have a good time during the trading process. As long as holding an artifact, you will make transaction easily.

Obtain Real-time Global Quotations

There is a overall view of all products’ information, including real-time trend chart, real market price, weekly financial calendar, big news information, etc. You can make a custom selection of the trading products what your pay attention to, which can make you obtain the trading opportunity whenever you want.

Convenient online transaction

You can check the real-time quotation chart of all products on the APP, which allows to make pending order and set up stop loss and take profit, as well as is equipped with various technical indexes and trend lines. There is nothing worry about missing the chance when quotation is coming. It is so easy to make transactions with one-key order in lightening execution speed.

Continuous Improvement of Trading Capacity

Equipped with TC technical analysis tools, it can provide precise technical analysis at key operation point with the accuracy of as high as 90%. In addition, it can also find investment opportunities by high frequent trading signal and improve your transaction level, and you can easily trade 50+ financial products.

Efficient Management of Trading Accounts

With the functions of convenient deposit and withdrawal and powerful CRM data statistics, it can upload documents at any time and conduct real-time monitoring to trading accounts, as well as check the transaction statements and situation of profit and loss.

Professional Education and Training

With the lively video teaching, senior trader’s trading system training and free trading knowledge and advanced strategy, it can ensure the overwhelmed novice clients make the right orders and the goal-oriented professional clients take steps toward their goals.

Whenever and Whatever Possible One-Key Calling

Our global customer service centers are set up in Melbourne, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. No matter where you are and what problems you have, you only need to click one-key calling or online communication to connect with our professional customer service staff and deal with the problems for you at the first time.

Risk Disclaimer:Forex margin trading carries a high level of risk to your capital, may not be appropriate for all investors. Investors shall carefully consider your financial condition and affordability before trading any financial product. Trading could lead to profits as well as loss of your investment capital, you may lose all your initial invested capital. Please ensure you've read all the risk warning before trading.